Pastoral Council, Finance Council, and Commissions

Pastoral Council

The Council serves the parish to fulfill the pastoral mission of Jesus Christ and His Church, specifically on behalf of the parish.  It does this by promoting Catholic worship and identity, supporting religious education and (re)evangelization, and fostering stewardship and service.  The Council provides advice and guidance to the Pastor in building a community of disciples who recognize their baptismal calls to lives of holiness, witness and service.  They engage in pastoral planning, which takes into account the needs and priorities of its parishioners, the diocese, and the broader community.  They are a council that is advisory to the pastor and all members work together as they seek to listen to the Holy Spirit in discerning what is best for the parish in light of the Gospel, the Church's teaching, and the experiences and needs of the parishioners and surrounding community.  The Council encourages a climate in which the people feel free to speak the truth with openness and love.  This council meets on a monthly basis.  Click here for meeting minutes.   Click here for council members.

Finance Council

The Finance Council is an advisory council that aids the pastor in the administration of the parish finances in order to carry out the mission of the Parish.  The Council reviews the parish budget, budgets for extraordinary expenditures, and ensures the integrity of the parish finances with monthly monitoring and review of income and expenditures as well as review of internal controls and audits.  They provide assistance in the formulation and communication of an annual financial report to the parish community as required by canon 1287 1,2.  This council meets on a quarterly basis.  Click here for council members.

Education Commission

The Education Commission serves as a standing commission of the Pastoral Council. This Education Commission is advisory and consultative to the pastor in matters pertaining to parish services identified as Ministers of Word. These include ministries of evangelization, religious education, youth ministry, and family ministry. Responsibilities of the Education Commission include research, learning and planning, development of mission, goals and priorities, assistance in formation of programs and services, two way communication between pastor, staff, and parish community, and linkage to the other principle ministries of Worship and Christian Service.

Christian Service Commission

The Christian Service Commission provides for the local community during times of need.  Some examples of outreach are:  food baskets at the holidays, maintaining a food pantry, Giving Tree at Christmas-providing children's gifts, organizing soup suppers during Lent, clothing drives, etc.  

Worship Commission

The Worship Commission see’s that the parish’s liturgical life is vibrant and the various liturgical celebrations build up the prayerful community. The Worship Commission also develops, promotes, and coordinates prayer services, liturgical celebrations, devotions, and other means by which the parish offers its members opportunity for spiritual growth and development as individuals and as parish community. Art and environment aspects of the worship space are also the group’s responsibility.

Buildings & Grounds Committee

The Buildings and Grounds Committee is entrusted with preserving (with an eye to the past and maintaining an eye to the future) all parish properties.  Their mission is to aide in the development of a comprehensive plan for anticipated maintenance requirements to ensure the facilities' integrity for future generations.  This committee is comprised of a group of facilites oriented parishioners who also aide in the development of a fiscally responsible long term plan that gives consideration to property and facilities, for the future of our parish.

Cemetery Committee

The Saint Michael Parish Cemetery was established to carry out the sacred religious function of the burial and care for the resting-places of the deceased.  The Cemetery Committee is actively involved in the operation and care of the parish cemetery.  They establish procedures and practices for the sale and recording of lots, funding of perpetual care, review of cemetery guidelines, as well as project and budget planning.  They monitor the financial controls, budget, and practices of the cemetery to ensure the diocesan guidelines and state laws are followed.  This committee meets yearly and on an as needed basis.  Click here for committee members.

Stewardship Commission

The Parish Stewardship Commission serves as a standing Commission of the Parish Pastoral Council. This Commission is advisory and consultative to the pastor or pastoral administrator and designee. This Commission collaborates with all other commissions and committees of the parish to ensure the ongoing life-long education, formation, conversion and facilitation of stewardship as a way of life within the lives of individual parishioners and the parish as a whole.